When I was about five I learned the word “illustrator” and knew that was
what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wanted to be an artist who made pictures to go with stories. I have drawn and painted all my life and apart from some time at the Ontario College of Art in Canada and a year in the advertising art program at a community college in Seattle, I am self-taught.

I was born in Ireland and moved to Ghana, West Africa, when I was eight
years old. After six years there, my family immigrated to Canada. I met my

husband 32 years ago and we moved to Seattle and started a family.  We have

four grown children, assorted cats and dogs, a fishpond in the backyard and a pretty terrific studio up in the attic of our old home.

I love to draw from imagination and see a new character form on the page.

Before the drawing is even finished, I already know the colors I will use to bring

that character to life. My favorite medium to work with is watercolor, but I

also use gouache, liquid acrylic paint and sometimes ink and wash.

I feel very lucky to be working as an illustrator. Not everyone grows up to
do what they really want to in life. If being an illustrator is what you would like to do, I encourage you to draw and paint, draw and paint and draw and paint some more!

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